3 juni Rebelläger i Ukraina utplånat och Obama satsar på militär närvaro i Europa

Striderna i Ukraina fortsätter. Även idag så är det strider kring gränsposteringen i Luhansk. I kväll kom till och med ett ultimatum. Gränsvakterna fick tills kl 17 svensk tid på sig att ge upp. Detta gjorde de inte. Fortsättning följer således. Obama är idag och imorgon i Polen på besök, och Nato har haft stort möte i Bryssel. Många ord har sagts om utvecklingen i öster, frågan om de gör någon praktisk skillnad.




Sammanfattning av dagen

“ — In Poland, U.S. President Barack Obama says he will ask Congress for $1 billion to finance an increased U.S. military presence in Eastern Europe in the wake of the Ukraine crisis. He repeated U.S. calls for Russia to use its influence with separatists to get them to lay down their arms.

— Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen says at a meeting of NATO defense ministers that Russia’s actions ”threaten the stability of the entire Euro-Atlantic area” and calls for a NATO that is ”fitter, faster, and more flexible.”

— Ukraine’s interior minister urged citizens to stay indoors near Slovyansk as counterterrorism forces were engaged in ”a very intense exchange of fire” with ”terrorists.”

— Gazprom insists work will continue on the South Stream gas pipeline despite a European Commission demand for Bulgaria to suspend work on its portion over compliance with EU laws.

— President-elect Petro Poroshenko’s inauguration has been set for June 7.

— Sources said a Russian draft resolution calling for an immediate end to fighting in eastern Ukraine and a humanitarian corridor met with a frosty response in closed consultations at the UN Security Council.” http://www.rferl.org/contentlive/ukraine-live-blog/25382555.html

RFERL: LATEST on fighting in eastern Ukraine from our news desk 19:49

There have been fresh clashes between Ukrainian troops and pro-Russia separatists around Ukraine’s eastern city of Slovyansk.

Defense Ministry spokesman Vladyslav Seleznyov said two soldiers were killed and 42 wounded in the fighting on June 3.

He said around 300 separatists were killed or wounded. The figure could not be independently confirmed.

Ukraine’s prosecutor-general said a total of 181 people, including 59 servicemen, had been killed by ”terrorist activity” since hostilities broke out in April.

The fighting in Slovyansk followed a daylong firefight in Luhansk on June 2 where separatists attacked on a border guard camp.

Meanwhile, local officials said eight people were killed in an explosion in the city center of Luhansk on June 2.

The separatists said the blast came from a Ukrainian air strike, but the Ukrainian military said it was caused by a missile misfired by the insurgents.  (Reuters and UNIAN) http://www.rferl.org/contentlive/ukraine-live-blog/25382555.html


Observatörsteamet anser att det var Ukrainskt flygvapen som igår sköt attackraketer mot den ockuperade administrationsbyggnaden i Luhansk. Se nedan rapport. Min fetmarkering i tredje stycket.

Latest news from the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine (SMM), based on information received until 18:00 hrs, 2 June (Kyiv time)

“This update is provided for the media and the public

The overall security situation in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions remained volatile. Other parts of Ukraine remained calm. The SMM has not re-established contact with the 4 monitors from the Donetsk team and 4 monitors from the Luhansk team with whom it lost contact on 26 May and 29 May respectively.

In Kharkiv the SMM monitored a Euro-Maidan rally taking place near the Shevchenko monument. The demonstration was attended by approximately 1,000 people, the first Euro-Maidan gathering of such size in three weeks. In the vicinity of the demonstration another group of 50 young people from the ‘Right Sector’ were marching under police observation.

In Luhansk the situation remained volatile. On 2 June, shortly after 15:00 hrs, rockets hit the occupied regional administration building. Based on the SMM’s limited observation these strikes were the result of non-guided rockets shot from an aircraft. The number of casualties is unknown.

A number of Luhansk city and region inhabitants tried to escape the combat zone. The SMM learned that trains to Kharkiv and Kyiv appeared to be fully booked for the next couple of days.

In Donetsk city the situation remained tense. The Ukrainian army holds the Donetsk airport complex, but there were no further substantive clashes between government forces and those of the so-called ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’. Due to security restrictions the SMM was unable to monitor the situation in the whole Donetsk area of responsibility.

In Dnipropetrovsk, the SMM observed a rally outside the Military Unit 3036 of the Ukrainian forces (15 kilometres north-west of Dnipropetrovsk). The 30 people present, mostly relatives of present conscripts, requested the rotation of units deployed in Donbas. They were concerned about the security situation and the lack of information on the deployment of their relatives. The rally was organized through social media. The SMM saw that people dispersed after 30 minutes and no police officers were present at the gathering. No incidents were reported.

The situation in Kherson, Odessa, Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Lviv remained calm.

In Chernivtsi the SMM met with the mayor of Khotyn town (63 kilometres south-west from Chernivtsi). Khotyn is a small town with about 11,000 inhabitants. The mayor gave the information that 10 Tatar families from Crimea have moved to Khotyn and are supported by the district with housing.

In Lviv the SMM observed a march of approximately 400 people with Ukrainian and Right sector flags. They commemorated the fallen of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (which fought against the Soviet Union, Poland and Germany). The march was under the supervision of 8 to 10 police officers. No incidents were reported by the policemen.

The situation in Kyiv remained calm.”

BBC: European Reassurance Initiative: Obama announces $1bn fund

President Barack Obama has announced plans for a $1bn (£600m) fund to increase US military deployments to Europe, during a visit to Poland.

Läs artikeln och se hans tal (1,41 min) där han lovar 1 miljard dollar på http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-27671691

DN: Rebelläger i Ukraina uppges ha utplånats

” Strider rapporteras på flera håll i östra Ukraina och civilbefolkningen uppmanas att hålla sig inomhus. Regeringssidan säger sig ha utplånat ett rebelläger.

Ett ”ganska stort antal terrorister” dödades när lägret nära Severodonetsk förstördes, säger Ukrainas tillförordnade president Oleksandr Turtjynov enligt Interfax.

Kievtrogna styrkor har enligt Turtjynov genomfört flyganfall mot vägspärrar som separatister satt upp i regionen Luhansk, och säkrat kontrollen över en gränspostering som separatisterna försökt inta.” Läs hela artikeln på http://www.dn.se/nyheter/varlden/rebellager-i-ukraina-uppges-ha-utplanats/

Two Ukrainian troops killed in battles with insurgents on June 3; OSCE says Luhansk blast on June 2 likely caused by airstrike

“Intense clashes between Ukrainian military forces and pro-Russia insurgents raged in the eastern region of Donetsk on June 3, killing at least two Ukrainian troops and injuring dozens a day after heavy fighting and an explosion in neighboring Luhansk Oblast claimed at least 12 lives.

Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said the military actions at the edge of insurgent-held Sloviansk and in the nearby village of Semenivka are an “active offensive phase” of the government’s anti-terrorism operation, which began in April.

“A very intense exchange of fire is underway. Our armored personnel carriers have been hit by the terrorists’ grenade launcher several times near Semenivka. But they have withstood the attack. Well done, [APR] designers!” Avakov wrote on Facebook.” Läs hela artikeln på http://www.kyivpost.com/content/ukraine/heavy-fighting-in-eastern-ukraine-as-government-restarts-active-phase-of-anti-terror-operation-350453.html

A Guide To The Separatists Of Eastern Ukraine

Radio Free Europe har gjort en sammanställning över de olika ledarna i Östra Ukraina. Många gubbar blir det… Läs deras porträtt om:

Pavel Gubarev — the ”People’s Governor”

Vyacheslav Ponomaryov — the ”People’s Mayor” of Slovyansk

Denis Pushilin — leader of the self-proclaimed ”Donetsk People’s

Aleksandr Borodai — The DNR’s ”Prime Minister”

Aleksandr Mozhayev aka ”Babai” — A Bearded Insurgent

Igor Girkin aka ”Strelkov” – The DNR’s ”Defense Minister”

Valery Bolotov — the leader of the ”People’s Republic of Luhansk”


Released Activist Says Donetsk Rebels Use Captives As Forced Labor

“An activist recently released from rebel captivity in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk says pro-Russian insurgents occupying the regional state security headquarters make their captives do menial work for them. In an interview with RFE/RL, the man, identified as Dmytro, describes beatings and inhumane conditions that the prisoners are subjected to.”

Se den textade TV-intervjun på http://www.rferl.org/media/video/ukraine-released-captive/25408478.html

NATO steps up collective defence, support for reforms in Ukraine

“NATO Defence Ministers on Tuesday (3 June 2014) agreed to continue and further reinforce NATO’s reassurance measures in the wake of the Russia-Ukraine crisis. “This is a time for all Allies to play a part, and all Allies are doing so”, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said. “Every single Ally is committing resources to our collective defence. When we say NATO’s defence is “all for one”, we mean it.”

Mr. Fogh Rasmussen strongly welcomed the United States announcement to commit 1 billion dollars to a European Reassurance Initiative as “a clear sign of America’s commitment to Europe, and the strength of the transatlantic bond.” The Secretary General also commended Poland’s intention to raise its defence spending to 2% of Gross Domestic Product.

Ministers also agreed to increase the capability, training and readiness of Allied forces to prepare for the longer-term implications of the crisis. A Readiness Action Plan, to be developed by the Wales Summit, will include measures aimed to enhance the NATO Response Force’s level of responsiveness and NATO’s intelligence and awareness; to pre-position equipment and supplies; and to focus NATO exercises even more on specific defence challenges.

Ministers approved Germany’s initiative on “Framework Nations”, which will help boost multinational cooperation to develop the forces and capabilities needed to meet NATO’s requirements and cope with new security challenges. NATO Secretary General welcomed the decision by Denmark, Germany and Poland to start work to raise the readiness of Multinational Corps North East in Poland. “This will strengthen our ability to address future threats and challenges in the region. And it is a significant contribution to our collective defence”, he said.

Ministers further agreed a new cyber-defence policy, recognising cyber as part of NATO’s collective defence.  This policy will help enhance information sharing and mutual assistance between Allies, improve NATO’s cyber defence training and exercises, and boost cooperation with industry.

NATO Defence Ministers met their Ukrainian counterpart Mykhailo Koval in the NATO-Ukraine Commission. They welcomed the clear outcome of the recent presidential elections and reaffirmed their support for Ukraine’s security and defence reforms. A comprehensive package of measures aimed to increase the capacity and strength of the Ukrainian armed force will be finalised in the coming weeks.” http://www.nato.int/cps/en/natolive/news_110609.htm

Obama Warns NATO Allies to Share Defense Burden: ‘We Can’t Do It Alone’

“Part of what I discussed with Secretary General of NATO Rasmussen and now with the new Secretary General Stoltenberg is the need to make sure that the collective defense effort is robust, it is ready, it is properly equipped.

That does mean that every NATO member has to do its fair share. Obviously, we all have different capacities. The United States is going to have different capacities than Poland; Poland is going to have a different capacity than Latvia. But everyone has the capacity to do their fair share, to do a proportional amount to make sure that we have the resources, the planning, the integration, the training in order to be effective.

I think it’s important to recognize that the effectiveness of our defenses against any threat is not just going to be dependent on how many troops we have in any particular country — it has to do with how we are working collectively together to make sure that when any NATO member is threatened, all of us can respond rapidly — whether it’s through air, sea, or land.

And that’s going to require some flexibility. It’s going to require some additional planning. It’s going to require some joint capabilities that right now we don’t have. But frankly, NATO is very reliant on U.S. capabilities but has not always invested in some joint capabilities that would be important as well. And it’s going to require every NATO member to step up. We have seen a decline steadily in European defense spending generally. There are exceptions — like Poland, like Estonia — but for the most part, we have seen a steady decline. That has to change.

The United States is proud to bear its share of the defense of the Transatlantic Alliance. It is the cornerstone of our security. But we can’t do it alone. And we’re going to need to make sure that everybody who is a member of NATO has full membership. They expect full membership when it comes to their defense; then that means that they’ve also got to make a contribution that is commensurate with full membership.

Excerpt from remarks by President Barack Obama and President Bronislaw Komorowski of Poland in a joint press conference, June 3, 2014.” http://www.atlanticcouncil.org/blogs/natosource/obama-warns-nato-allies-to-share-defense-burden-we-can-t-do-it-alone

Hela Obamas tal som han idag höll i Polen kan du läsa här: http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2014/06/03/remarks-president-obama-and-president-komorowski-poland-joint-press-conf

SvD: Staten vill ha full kontroll över Karlskronavarvet

” Även om Saab tar över utvecklingen av de svenska ubåtarna så måste staten ha kontroll över äganderätten till varvet, anser politikerna i försvarsutskottet. Det är en drastisk skillnad mot för 15 år sedan när staten bara ville slippa ubåtarna. Nu tar staten också på sig alla kostnader för eventuella miljöskador vid varvet.

Politikerna i försvarsutskottet slår nu fast att Sverige måste ha en försvarsindustri som kan ta fram ubåtar till svenska försvaret. Det är också viktigt att ha kontroll över Karlskronavarvet som direkt hänger ihop med marinbasen i Karlskrona där bland annat försvarets ubåtar finns och där FMV har sina verkstäder.

För att försäkra sig om att staten får mer kontroll över ubåtstillverkningen vill politikerna också att regeringen ska få ett direkt inflytande över vem som äger varvet. Hur det ska se ut i praktiken är inte klart men det innebär i vilket fall att Saab inte fritt kan sälja varvet som bolaget nu förhandlar om att köpa.

– Alliansregeringen och Socialdemokraterna har en samsyn i den här frågan, säger Cecilia Widegren (M) vice ordförande i försvarsutskottet.” Läs hela artikeln på http://www.svd.se/naringsliv/ubatsbraket_3459832.svd?sidan=14


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