24 maj En ny stat skall skapas i östra Ukraina, namnet blir Novorossiya -Nya Ryssland

Idag tecknades en avsiktsförklaring mellan de två staterna Donetsk och Lugansk att de skall bilda den gemensamma staten Novorossiya (Nya Ryssland). Imorgon är det presidentval i Ukraina. 






Sammanfattning av dagen

“– Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk is urging Ukrainians to vote in the country’s May 25 presidential election to ”defend Ukraine.”

— Pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine have announced the merger of their so-called ”people’s republics” into a new country, to be called ”New Russia” (”Novorossia”).

— Russian President Vladimir Putin has told officials from leading energy companies that Russia is concerned about threats by ”Ukrainian radicals” to disrupt gas supplies to Europe.

— Putin has also told journalists that it is ”impossible” to isolate Russia from the global economy despite pressure from the West over the crisis in Ukraine.

— Fresh clashes were reported overnight on May 23-24 in eastern Ukraine between government  forces and pro-Russian fighters, just a day before the country is due to hold a  presidential election.

— The chief of Russia’s military general staff, General Valery Gerasimov, says it will take about 20 days to move troops and military equipment temporarily deployed near the border with Ukraine back to permanent bases.” http://www.rferl.org/contentlive/ukraine-live-blog/25382555.html

ITAR-TASS: Donetsk, Lugansk republics unite in “Novorossiya” state

“Self-proclaimed People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk have united in a state called Novorossiya (New Russia), the chairman of the DPR Supreme Council, Denis Pushilin has said.

“We’ve signed a memorandum on the republics’ union. We’ve named the united regions as the union of people’s republics,” Pushilin told Itar-Tass on Saturday.

Answering a question about the unification of the republics’ government, he said, “I believe that this will happen in due time. It is expedient.”

The DPR commissions are currently working to form a new social and economic platform under which the new region will live, Pushilin said.

Earlier, Donbass Governor Pavel Gubarev said the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics “signed a document on the union in Novorossiya”.

“The document was signed by DPR premier Alexander Borodai and head of the Lugansk People’s Republic Alexei Karyakin,” Gubarev said.

“We do not recognise the president and parliament of Ukraine. The Donetsk and Lugansk republics are independent states. We will recognise a government of a newly-elected president if they [the Kiev authorities] recognise the republics’ independence,” he said.

“They should immediately withdraw troops from our republics and stop any military actions,” Gubarev added. http://en.itar-tass.com/world/733150

Head of CVU: If elections are not held on May 25, then they may not be held at all19:31

“According to the Head of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine Oleksandr Chernenko, the elections in Donetsk and Luhansk regions can be held at about one third of the polling stations.

According to him, 15% of the total population of Ukraine live in these two regions.

“I suppose that we will lose 10% votes of total amount of the voters in Ukraine. But 90% still have a possibility to vote so we don’t have to postpone the elections. If elections are not held on May 25, then they may not be held at all,” Chernenko suggests.” http://24tv.ua/home/showSingleNews.do?head_of_cvu_if_elections_are_not_held_on_may_25_then_they_may_not_be_held_at_all&objectId=446412&lang=en

Electoral Committee Chairman Says Voting Cannot Take Place in Donetsk Tomorrow

“Due to threats to polling station staff and the townspeople themselves, the May 25 presidential elections cannot be held in Donetsk.

This was the opinion expressed by the chairman of the Ukrainian Electoral Committee, Oleksandr Chernenko, reports 5 Channel.

”Today reports are coming from Donetsk, saying that members of electoral commissions are actually writing letters of resignation. Everyone understands that holding the elections poses a threat to citizens’ lives”, remarked Chernenko.

”I know that decision to abandon the election has already been taken at the city government level. Because this contradicts the law, this decision certainly needs to be checked over in some way by the Central Election Commission. Then again, it’s impossible to safely hold elections there. Furthermore, they would only have been cancelled had there been no more legitimate a solution”, said the head of the UEC.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the Central Election Commission, Mikhail Okhendovsky, said that he would be able to specify the number of constituencies in Donetsk which will be running on the morning of May 25, according to Ukrainskiye Novosti.

Okhendovsky also noted that in the Lugansk oblast ”there will be, most likely, only two 2 constituencies at which elections will be held” – in the towns of Svatovo (district 115) and Belovodsk (district 114). The CEC will not wait for reports of results from the 10 remaining constituencies committees.” http://pressimus.com/Interpreter_Mag/press/2857

ITAR-TASS: Putin says to treat with respect Ukrainians’ choice in presidential election

ST. PETERSBURG, May 24, /ITAR-TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday he would “treat with respect” the choice of the Ukrainian people in the country’s May 25 early presidential elections.

The president also said that in his opinion it would have been more logical for Ukraine to hold a referendum and amend the constitution before holding the elections.

“It would have been more logical and more fundamental in my opinion to hold a referendum at first, to adopt the constitution and then to hold the elections basing on the new legislature,” Putin said.

The Russian president said that Ukraine’s winner in presidential election may turn out to be an “intermediary person.”

“A new constitution may be adopted [after the election]. If this is how it turns out to be, then the new president could become intermediary. Or on the contrary, he would be accumulating maximum of authoritative powers. Both scenarios will be tied to the escalation of the domestic political fight,” Putin said. http://en.itar-tass.com/russia/733134

DN: Hakkors och tjetjenska dialekter i ukrainska strider

” En dödad proukrainsk soldat med hakkors och bokstäverna SS intatuerat på bröstet. Proryska styrkor som bryter på tjetjenska. DN:s utsända rapporterar från fredagens strider i östra Ukraina.

Torsdagen var den blodigaste hittills i Donetskområdet i östra Ukraina med 16 dödade regeringssoldater vid en vägspärr. Och tidigt på fredagsmorgonen bröt nya strider ut vid en annan vägspärr nära byn Karlivka, som hölls av proukrainska styrkor från frivilligstyrkan Donbassbataljonen.”

En mil från platsen möttes DN:s Paul Hansen av ett hundratal proryska rebellsoldater ur styrkan Vostok. Tre av deras egna låg döda på ett lastbilsflak. På vägen bredvid låg ytterligare ett lik, med ett djupt sår i bröstet.

Bredvid såret syntes en stor tatuering föreställande ett hakkors och bokstäverna SS.

– Det var tydligt att rebellerna ville visa upp liket för oss. De ropade ”Högra sektorn, kom, kom, här ska ni få se”, säger Paul Hansen.

Sammanlagt såg Hansen sex dödade efter striden, från båda sidor. Att tatueringen på den döda kroppen var äkta hyser han inget tvivel om.

Högra sektorn är en högerextrem, militant rörelse med fäste i Kiev och västra Ukraina. Dess anhängare är högst några tusen, men den spelade en viktig roll under vinterns uppror mot Janukovytjregimen.” Läs hela reportaget och se bilderna på http://www.dn.se/nyheter/varlden/hakkors-och-tjetjenska-dialekter-i-ukrainska-strider/

Avakov: Insurgents tried to take wounded Ukrainian servicemen out from hospital

“Interior Minister Arsen Avakov has informed that terrorists tried to take wounded Ukrainian servicemen out from hospital in Volnovakha.

He wrote about this on his Facebook page.

The insurgents of Russian Chief Intelligence Directorate officer Bezler (aka Bes) were trying to to take wounded soldiers of the Ukrainian army out from hospital in Volnovakha. They told the personnel of the hospital there was a threat that the fighters of Right Sector would come and finish off the wounded soldiers. They didn’t managed to accomplish their plans as the personnel of the hospital has plugged all the wounded soldiers to the medical installations, droppers etc., making them ”immobile casualties” until the military medical men and security units arrived,” Avakov told.


Police are ready to ensure protection only for 9 out of 34 DECs in Eastern Ukraine

“Law enforcement agencies are ready to ensure protection during the voting at the moment only for 7 out of 22 district election commission in Donetsk region and 2 out of 12 — in Luhansk region.

Such information was announced by the Deputy Interior Minister Serhiy Yarovyi during the meeting of the Central Election Commission on Saturday.

“We have no possibility to ensure the order and protection at all polling stations and district commissions due to the lack of forces and resources in Donetsk region”, Yarovyi stressed.

He has also noticed that operation HQs are created in Donetsk and Luhansk regions to coordinate the activities on providing security of the voters and commissions.

He noticed that a range of polling stations would be relocated to the other premises but refused to provide detailed information about this saying the members of the illegal paramilitary units would react immediately.

According to Yarovyi, at the moment the operation HQ are searching for happy mean to inform the voters and members of the commissions about new addresses of the building and prevent terrorists to response in time.” http://24tv.ua/home/showSingleNews.do?police_are_ready_to_ensure_protection_only_for_9__out_of_34_decs_in_eastern_ukraine&objectId=446382&lang=en

Specter of violence in eastern Ukraine keeps voters from polls

“TOREZ/DONETSK, Ukraine — Just one day before Ukraine holds a crucial presidential election, confusion and a looming specter of violence are dissuading voters from going to the polls in the country’s restive east.

For more than a month, Ukrainian forces have fought increasingly pitched battles with pro-Russian separatists who have besieged the region. Since declaring independence from Ukraine after holding an illegal referendum on May 11, rebels have attempted to tighten their grip on Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts. As a result of the clashes, dozens have been killed and wounded on both sides, and whole cities have been effectively barricaded.

In Torez, some 60 kilometers east of Donetsk, residents are fearful of the possible return of the pro-Ukrainian militia endorsed by fringe presidential candidate Oleh Lyashko that brutally killed one pro-Russian separatist and left another badly wounded on May 23.” Läs hela artikeln på http://www.kyivpost.com/content/ukraine/specter-of-violence-in-eastern-ukraine-keeps-voters-from-polls-349162.html

Ukraine fails to prevent illegal border crossing by a group of armed men

The situation in Ukraine’s struggling Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts, which for more than two months have had parts of their territory controlled by groups of Russia-backed armed separatists  is likely to turn from bad to worse, as early in the morning on May 24 seven vehicles with armed people inside illegally managed to cross Ukrainian border in Donetsk region, the press-service of Ukraine’s border guard service says.

Evhen Perebiynis, the foreign ministry’s spokesman says that five trucks and two cars with armed people inside crossed the border using side roads not far from Dibrivka border checkpoint.

The Ministry says that despite multiple affirmations of Russian side that Russian Federation does not support terrorist groups in eastern Ukraine “Russian forces keep destabilizing the situation in the country’s East,” the report reads.

“Russia’s main task is to disrupt Ukrainian presidential elections by threatening and killing local people, capturing hostages and enabling the work of local election commissions,” it adds.


Reuters: Putin says Ukraine has no right to demand gas price discount

“Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday that Ukraine had no right to demand cuts in the price it pays for natural gas supplies from Russia and said the price dispute should be solved through dialogue and not ultimatums.

”We are ready for a constructive dialogue, but it should not be carried out though baseless demands and ultimatums, but rather on the basis of civilised market cooperation,” Putin told a group of foreign journalists on the sidelines of the St Petersburg International Economic Forum.” http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/05/24/russia-forum-putin-ukraine-idUSL6N0OA0K120140524

MFA: Trucks and cars broke into Ukraine from Russia, full of armed people

“According to the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine, this night five trucks and two cars have crossed the Ukrainian-Russian border, full of armed men.

This is reported by the MFA press service.

”The personnel of the State Border Service of Ukraine has recorded another illegal border crossing from the direction of the Russian Federation by five trucks and two cars, with armed men inside, on May 24 at about 4.00 am in the area of border inspection post ”Dibrivka” (Donetsk region),” MFA statement said.

Foreign Ministry also argued that the provocation occurred by direct assistance and connivance of the Russian border guards.

”Kremlin continues to implement a scenario of further destabilization of the situation in our country. Its primary objective is to disrupt the presidential elections in Ukraine on May 25 by means of intimidation, hostage-taking, murder of the local population, prevention the normal operation of election commissions,” Ministry adds.” http://24tv.ua/home/showSingleNews.do?mfa_trucks_and_cars_broke_into_ukraine_from_russia_full_of_armed_people&objectId=446327&lang=en

Medvedev: Sanctions don’t affect Russian citizens

“According to the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev, the interests of Russian citizens won’t be affected by the sanctions, imposed by the West.

He told this on the air of a Russian TV channel.

“I’d like to emphasize: the interests of Russian citizens, our taxpayers (I mean social services, social payments) won’t be affected and we will fulfill all obligations, even if we have to fall back on some restrictions,”— Medvedev stressed

Russian PM supposes that ”the influence of the sanctions on Russian economy is absolutely minimal if any”.

”We are constantly threatened, saying they will impose sectoral sanctions, including machine building, power production. But we all understand by ourselves it means a range of export opportunities of Russia will be put at risk”, he added. http://24tv.ua/home/showSingleNews.do?medvedev_sanctions_dont_affect_russian_citizens&objectId=446323&lang=en

U.S Department of Defense: Small Number of Russians Moving From Ukrainian Border

“WASHINGTON, May 23, 2014 – A small number of Russian troops have moved away from the southern and eastern borders of Ukraine, but thousands more remain in place, Pentagon Press Secretary Navy Rear Adm. John Kirby said here today.

“We have seen continued activity of preparations for departure of some units, not all,” Kirby said at a Pentagon briefing. “We have seen the movement of some units, not all.”

The admiral said it is too soon to say if this is the wholesale withdrawal that Russian President Vladimir Putin announced for the third time. “It’s our expectation and hope that that movement is away from the border,” the admiral said. “I can tell you that on a small scale we have actually seen the movement of some units away from the border region, apparently back to what we would consider garrison, their home base.”

The remaining Russian troops are enough to continue to intimidate Ukraine. Those troops “are escalating the tension there in Ukraine, and we continue to call for the removal of all those troops,” Kirby said.

Nations around the world have urged Putin to de-escalate and move the troops from the border. The Russian president has said he ordered the troops away from the border three times now. This is the first time there has been any movement.

As to how long it would take the Russian units to move back to garrison, Kirby could not say.

“I can tell you they got there in a hurry,” he said. “So, it’s certainly our expectation that this order to withdraw will be followed with some sense of alacrity. That’s what we would like to see.”



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