21 maj Putin vänder Europa ryggen och tecknar 30 årigt gasavtal med Kina

Idag tecknade Putin ett 30 årigt gasavtal med Kina värt otroliga 2600 miljarder kr. Genom detta minskar han sitt beroende av export till västeuropa. Detta kan man givetvis tolka på lite olika sätt. Vill man vara pessimist så är orsaken att han inte tror eller vill ha ett fortsatt gott samarbete med väst. 






“– Russian President Vladimir Putin says he ordered a troop withdrawal along the Ukrainian border to help create ”favorable conditions” for the upcoming presidential election. Kyiv says Russian troops have moved at least 10 kilometers away from the border, but refused to confirm Moscow’s claims of a full withdrawal.

 — Washington says Kyiv is questioning the status of two journalists from Russia’s LifeNews website who were arrested by Ukrainian troops near Kramatorsk, claiming the men were carrying antiaircraft missiles.

 — Russian President Vladimir Putin has dismissed the allegations as ”nonsense and delirium.”

 — U.S. Vice President Joe Biden has warned Moscow against undermining the upcoming Ukrainian presidential election. Biden said ”we must be resolute” in enforcing sanctions against Moscow and said tougher measures could come if the May 25 polls are undermined.” http://www.rferl.org/contentlive/ukraine-live-blog/25382555.html

SvD: Ryssland sluter gasavtal med Kina

” Ryssland och Kina har tecknat ett jättelikt 30-årigt avtal om gasleveranser. Det är en seger för Rysslands president Vladimir Putin, som därmed gör sig något mindre beroende av gasexport till Europa. Samtidigt uppmanar EU-kommissionens ordförande Ryssland att inte avbryta leveranserna av naturgas till Ukraina.

Undertecknandet skedde efter ett tvådagarsbesök av Vladimir Putin i Kina, där han bland annat mötte Kinas president Xi Jinping. Kontraktet är värt cirka 400 miljarder dollar, motsvarande 2 600 miljarder kronor.

Ryssland har blivit allt mer isolerat internationellt i och med landets annektering av Krimhalvön.”

Läs hela artikeln på http://www.svd.se/naringsliv/nyheter/varlden/ryssland-sluter-gasavtal-med-kina_3582264.svd

Putin svarar på frågor om gasaffären med Kina


Allt du behöver veta om valet I Ukraina på söndag. Mashable gör en stor genomgång av förutsättningarna.

Mashable: Ukraine’s Presidential Election: 7 Big Things You Need to Know

“The threat of a Russian invasion of mainland Ukraine appears to have ebbed, and the critical presidential elections will be held across the country on May 25.

However, in two of Ukraine’s eastern regions — accounting for 15% of Ukraine’s total population — voters are likely to be disenfranchised due to armed pro-Russian separatists who have seized control of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Gunmen have systematically shut down local election commissions, preventing them from holding the vote by occupying their offices or stealing ballots and voter information from officials at gunpoint.

The election comes three months after anti-government Euromaidan protesters ousted former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. He fled to Russia overnight on Feb. 22, abandoning his palatial estate outside Kiev. On Sunday, 18 out of the original 23 candidates who entered the race will vie for the presidency.

Here’s what you need to know before Ukrainians cast their ballots. Läs de 7 olika punkterna, med personporträtt på varje presidentkandidat mm


13 Out of 36 Local Election Commissions in Donetsk and Lugansk Oblasts Shut Down

“Ukrainska Pravda reports: As of Wednesday, 13 out of 36 commissions in the Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts are shut down.

This was reported to Ukrainska Pravda by the press secretary of the Central Election Commission, Konstantin Khivrenko.

In the Donetsk oblast, one District Electoral Commission [OIK] in Artyomovsk was liberated while another, in Donetsk, was seized. In total, 7 District Election Commissions in Donetsk have been shut down.

As of 10:00 on May 21, work has resumed at OIK number 46 in Artyomovsk.

However at 9:30 on Wednesday, the premises of the 45th OIK in Donetsk were captured again and sealed off by representatives of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic.

The paper notes that the seven seized electoral commissions include 2 in Donetsk, one in Kramatorsk, two in Gorlovka, one in Enakievo, and one in Torez. The 44th OIK in Donetsk, the 55th in Shakhtersk and the 62nd in Starobeshevo, are now unlocked but remain under the threat of seizure.” http://www.interpretermag.com/ukraine-liveblog-day-93-akhmetov-tells-donbass-to-fight-fight-fight/ kl 17.57

ITAR-TASS: UN Security Council members don’t back Odessa probe initiative

“UN Security Council members have not supported Russia’s proposal to ask the secretary general of the global organization to organize an unbiased investigation of events in the southern Ukrainian city of Odessa where dozens died in early May in clashes and a fire, Russia’s ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin said Wednesday.

“Unfortunately, UN Security Council members have been unable to back our call to turn to the secretary general with a request to conduct an objective probe,” Churkin said


ITAR-TASS: Cooperation with China signals Russian ‘alternative to West’

Plans for Russian-Chinese cooperation, also in the gas sphere, is a clear signal to the West that Russia has a real alternative to it, said Andrey Kokoshin, the dean of the Faculty of World Politics of the Moscow State University and a former secretary of the Russian Federation Security Council.

“The summit in Shanghai has clearly demonstrated that the Russian-Chinese relations are increasingly developing on a wide range of issues and problems,” he said. “It is also clear that plans for large-scale cooperation on supplies of Russian natural gas and other energy resource to China can be regarded as an explicit signal to countries of the European Union and the United States that Russia has a real alternative to maintain its external economic links in this field.”

The academician noted that the agenda for the Russian-Chinese cooperation was far from being limited to gas issues. The two countries had mutual understanding not only in the economic sphere, but also in political and diplomatic, military strategic and humanitarian spheres.

“China and Russia agree on most challenges of the modern world, including the most acute political problems,” he said, referring to the Syrian conflict, the nuclear problem on the Korean peninsula, the situation in the Middle East in general and the Ukrainian crisis.

Kokoshin said that a joint statement signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping expressed “a number of very important positions on de-escalation of the crisis in Ukraine, enforcement of rights and freedoms of all citizens in that country and implementation of a constitutional reform in Ukraine.”

Gas contracts are very important indeed, but the issue is much broader, Kokoshin said.

“Energy partnership agreements are of great importance for the development of Russia’s Far East and Eastern Siberia,” he said, adding that under these agreements there were plans to develop transport infrastructure in these regions and to design projects for the construction of new electric generating plants in Russia to increase energy supplies to China. http://en.itar-tass.com/world/732530

7 districts of Donetsk region are under control of National Guard and Donbas battalion

“Press service of Donetsk regional state administration mentions that Donbas special battalion has taken the administrative buildings and nearby areas under its control in Dobropillya, Krasnoarmiysk, Oleksandrivsk and Velyka Novosilka districts.

At the same time the National Guard servicemen build up the checkpoints and the military equipment is concentrated in Velyka Novosilka, Volnovakha, Marinka and Starobeshivka districts.”


Claims That Video Shows Russian Journalists Instructing Separatists To Fire Anti-Tank Missile

“This video is being talked about because it is key to why Russian journalists have been detained by Ukrainian forces. The video, taken by LifeNews or LifeNews freelancers, appears to show Russian-backed separatists firing an anti-tank weapon in Slavyansk. The real reason it is being talked about, however, is that the journalists in the video appear to give orders to the soldiers to fire the weapon, which according to many would cross the line between recording the insurgency and being part of it.” Se filmen och läs artikeln som hävdar att journalisten gav order till de pro-ryska soldaterna under ett eldöverfall. http://pressimus.com/Interpreter_Mag/press/2833

RT News: RT journalist to be handed to UK consul in Kiev, SBU proceedings against him ‘over’

“Ukraine Security Service’ has finished proceedings against RT contributor, Graham Phillips, and he is about to be handed over to the consul of the British embassy in Kiev, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry told RT.

Almost a day after Phillips was detained at a checkpoint near Mariupol in eastern Ukraine on May 20, the British Foreign Office officially confirmed the incident and said it is “in contact with the Ukrainian authorities.”

On Tuesday it was not quite clear who were the people involved in the arrest, reports from the scene varying from National Guards to Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU).

 However, on Wednesday RT managed to talk to the country’s Defense Ministry, which said the arrest had been carried out by the National Guard.

“According to our information, [Phillips] was detained at a National Guard checkpoint, which does not report to us… This journalist was then handed over to law enforcement officials for the violations he committed,” Bogdan Senyk, deputy head of the Defense Ministry’s press service, said.

 Later in the day, the National Guard also confirmed its role in the detention.” http://rt.com/news/160476-rt-phillips-uk-consulate/

Pro-Ukrainian activists in Luhansk go into hiding, wait for help from Kyiv

“Timur, a 21-year-old student from Luhansk and a local activist with the EuroMaidan Revolution, is remarkably persistent. Until recently, he has consistently worn a blue-yellow ribbon, the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

But his patriotism causes him problems in eastern Ukraine, where Kremlin-backed separatism is strongest, especially in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, home to nearly 15 percent of Ukraine’s 45 million people.

Several times he had to fight with thugs who see his ribbon and say: “Hey Ukrainian, get on your knees.” He also risks arrest.

Finally, Timur decided to take off his Ukrainian ribbon, since it is causing him too many problems.

”Now all of the Ukraine-oriented people have gone underground. It has become open hunting season on us,” he said, refusing to give his last name because of fears for his and his family’s safety.

Läs hela intervjun (som är sponsrad av Danmark…) på http://www.kyivpost.com/content/ukraine/pro-ukrainian-activists-in-luhansk-go-into-hiding-wait-for-help-from-kyiv-348683.html

RT News: Russia withdraws troops from Ukraine border to create ‘benign conditions’ ahead of elections

“Russian troops, which had been deployed for drills near the border with Ukraine, are starting to move back to their permanent bases. President Putin says it is a gesture aimed at providing “benign conditions” for the Ukrainian presidential election.

The troops, which had been deployed to the Rostov, Belgorod and Bryansk Regions “have completed the dismantling of field camps and training equipment, the loading of the material and preparation of the hardware for the march, and are now commencing the movement to railway stations and airstrips,” the Russian Defense Ministry said Wednesday in a statement.

“All the units which were involved in performing scheduled combat training exercises in remote areas will return to their permanent stations by the beginning of summer,” the ministry added.

The statement said the decisions to conduct the training in remote areas near Ukrainian border and make them more intensive than previous similar events was justified, considering the good results shown by the troops.” http://rt.com/news/160456-russia-troops-border-ukraine/

Luhansk, 4 days ahead of elections: only 3 TEC out 12 are operating

“6 out of 12 Territorial elections commission in Luhansk region are under the control of the terrorists, three more have already received the warning about possible seizure.

So, the TEC No. 105, 106 (Luhansk), 108 (Krasnodon), 109 (Krasnyi Luch), 110 (Lysychansk) and 111 (Antratsyt) are already captured by the terrorists.

Three more commissions are still working however they have get the warning from terrorists: No. 107 (Alchevsk), 112 (Sverdlovsk), 116 (Stakhanov).” http://24tv.ua/home/showSingleNews.do?luhansk_4_days_ahead_of_elections_only_3_tec_out_12_are_operating_infographics&objectId=445265&lang=en

Mayor of Mikolayiv Receives Dog’s Head with Grenade Stuffed Inside it in Parcel

“Ukrainian news site Socialna Kraina reports that Yuri Granaturov, the acting mayor of Mikolayiv, received a parcel from an unknown sender today which contained the severed head of a dog, within which was a grenade. The Mikolayiv police department said that tests showed the grenade to be a fake.” http://www.interpretermag.com/ukraine-liveblog-day-93-akhmetov-tells-donbass-to-fight-fight-fight/ kl 11.53

Putin: We are a sovereign state so we post our troops wherever we want

“President of Russia Vladimir Putin has reiterated that the Russian troops are withdrawn from the Ukrainian border.

“I want to reiterate that we have withdrawn our troops not because we hesitate to post them there; eventually we are a sovereign state so we post our troops wherever we want. But we have accepted such a decision to avoid any speculations about this”, Putin told.” http://24tv.ua/home/showSingleNews.do?putin_we_are_a_sovereign_state_so_we_post_our_troops_wherever_we_want&objectId=445236&lang=en

Russia’s Defense Ministry: Russian troops at the border with Ukraine bear no threat

“Chief of the Foreign Military Cooperation Directorate of the Russian Defense Ministry Seregey Koshelev assures Russia does not conduct any activity which threatens the security of neighboring states.

“We do not prohibit the realization of their right to conduct inspection activities on the Russian territory to confirm simple and clear fact: Russia is not engaged in undeclared or unusual activity which threatens the security of neighboring countries,” he said on air of Russia 24 channel.

According to Koshelev, international community has no reasons to blame Russia.

“Representatives of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in Vienna, where they presented the Russian view on the statements of our western colleagues that we drew 40 thousand soldiers at the border with Ukraine. The most detailed analysis of the pictures was presented in Vienna. And we proved that there was no augmentation of forces – the forces we draw every year is not involved in the course of these drills. No one could raise any claims,” he said.”



Terrorists ready to break through the border, snipers are on the roofs of Slovyansk buildings

“ATO spokesperson Vladislav Seleznyov informed that separatists ready a “passage” to withdraw its forces and remove dead bodies. Snipers are on the roofs of the buildings.

Seleznyov informs on his Facebook page.

As the spokesperson states, separatists have set up two checkpoints at the area of Dmytrivka town, near state border with Ukraine. About 30 armed men on two trucks have arrived at the place.

“According to the update information, they prepare a “passage” to withdraw main forces of separatists located on the territory of Slovyansk and remove corpses of killed in the course of clashes with Ukrainian law enforcers,” ATO spokesman informed.

According to his data, terrorists have prepared the positions for snipers on the roofs in the city of Slovyansk.

“There is also information that on the upper floors and roofs of the apartment buildings in the city of Slovyansk terrorists have prepared firing positions of separatist snipers,” Seleznyov pointed out.


Biden: New NATO ships to enter Black Sea in the nearest term

New ships of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization will enter Black Sea in the nearest term to conduct port visits and maritime training.

Joe Biden, Vice President of the United States, has informed in Bucharest (Romania), press service of the White House reports.

“Today aggression in Crimea, less than 250 miles from Romanian territory, from NATO’s borders reminds us why we need NATO and why Romania belongs to NATO.  America and our NATO allies have urgently stepped up our military presence in the air, land and on the sea of NATO’s eastern flank.  In just the past weeks we’ve had ships visit. The USS Truxton, Cook, Taylor, as well as the Dacian Viper F-16 exercise.  And in the coming days, new ships — the Vella Gulf will enter the Black Sea to conduct port visits and maritime training,” Biden told.

He has also emphasized that Russia “violates not just Ukraine’s sovereignty, but a fundamental principle we fought for in the 20th century.”


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