15 maj Försvarsberedningens rapport presenterad

Idag kom då den omtalade rapporten från Försvarsberedningen. Skulle den förändra vårt framtida försvar utifrån den nya utvecklingen i Ryssland?




Radio Free Europes sammanfattning av dagen

” — U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has urged Russia not to interfere in the upcoming presidential poll in Ukraine, warning that Moscow risks more targeted economic sanctions.

— Acting Ukrainian President Oleksandr Turchynov says security forces overnight destroyed two bases used by pro-Russian separatists in the east of the country, near Slovyansk and Kramatorsk.

— The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe has welcomed the launch of Ukraine’s first national dialogue on constitutional reform and the crisis in the country’s east, saying the talks ”allowed for constructive and engaged discussions and set the tone for the following editions to take place in the regions.”

— The prime ministers of four Central European countries, as well as NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, are scheduled to speak in Bratislava at a major security conference largely focused on dealing with security threats posed by the Ukraine-Russia crisis.

— Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev says Moscow will resume energy talks with Ukraine if Kyiv repays part of its natural-gas debt. Medvedev said Russia could also consider revising the high price increase it put on gas sold to Ukraine, saying ”it is possible.”

— The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) says Ukraine’s crisis is having a negative impact not only on the Ukrainian and Russian economies, but also across much of Eastern Europe and the Caucasus.” http://www.rferl.org/contentlive/ukraine-live-blog/25382555.html

Ukrainian Constitutional Court: Ukrainians to elect the President for a 5-years term on May 25

“According to the decision of Constitutional Court of Ukraine, the President of Ukraine, elected at the early elections on May 25, will fulfill his duties for 5 years.

It was reported to RBK-Ukraine by a judge of the Constitutional Court.

”The President of Ukraine, elected on May 25, will fulfill his duties for 5-years term”, the judge noticed without informing the details of the decision.” http://24tv.ua/home/showSingleNews.do?constitutional_court_ukrainians_to_elect_the_preisdent_for_a_5years_term_on_may_25&objectId=443293&lang=en

Lukashenko promised to help Ukraine if needed

“President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has promised to provide any help and support to Ukraine; however he told Ukraine should better not to join any military alliances.

He told this at the meeting with the Ambassador of Ukraine to Belarus Mykhailo Yezhel, Radio Free Europe informs.

If you need any help (except the mediation, I hate the mediation) from the person, who really cares about everything that happens in Ukraine, I am ready to provide any assistance to your country, – Lukashenko told.

He has mentioned he see ”no need for Ukraine to be drawn into any military alliance”. http://24tv.ua/home/showSingleNews.do?lukashenko_promised_to_help_ukraine_if_needed&objectId=443215&lang=en

Acting President of Ukraine hemsida: O. Turchynov: Counterterrorist operation can be stopped when the weapons are laid down and all the hostages are liberated

Counterterrorist operation can be stopped when the weapons are laid down and all the hostages are liberated. It was stated by Acting President, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov after the meeting with leaders of parliamentary groups and fractions.

“We discussed the opportunity of adopting the respective Declaration of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in the course of the Conciliatory Council. To elaborate the given document, a group of representatives from each fraction could be established. It would submit proposals on cessation of the counterterrorist operation when the weapons will be laid down and all the hostages will be liberated,” O. Turchynov noted.

Also, the Acting President emphasized that the government stands for peaceful settlement of the issue. “We are ready to cooperate and hold dialogue. We are holding this dialogue, working over the amendments to the Constitution, over the expansion of local government’s rights and over other important issues,” he noted stressing that those who wage a war against Ukraine will receive an adequate response.

“It is our duty to adequately respond to the actions of terrorists, to protect Ukraine and our citizens,” the Chairman of the Parliament said.” http://www.president.gov.ua/en/news/30393.html

Acting President of Ukraine hemsida: O. Turchynov: Solution to the situation in the East of Ukraine can be found solely in the legal field

“Solution to the situation in the East of Ukraine can be found solely in the legal field. It was stated by Acting President, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov on Thursday while opening the plenary session.

”Yesterday the first stage of nationwide panel discussion, the main task of which is to find understanding, start a dialogue with representatives of local government, workers of culture, scientists, citizens of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, those willing to find a way out of the crisis situation within the legislation and the Constitution, was held. Solution to the situation lies solely in the legal field,” the Acting President noted.

“Law enforcement structures will conduct counterterrorist measures against those who raised arms against their own country, those who carry out tasks of the other country on destabilization of the situation in the region and in the whole country,” he stressed.

In this context, the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada informed that yesterday near Kramatorsk, within the counterterrorist operation, a disguised terrorist military base was completely destroyed, a fortified area in Sloviansk was attacked and destroyed and a five-kilometer zone around a TV tower, broadcasting Ukrainian television in Sloviansk, Kramatorsk and other areas of Donetsk region, was completely cleaned up from terrorists.” http://www.president.gov.ua/en/news/30392.html

Statement of the MFA regarding the “Aviadarts-2014” military exercise

“In accordance with the official web-site of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, on May 21 – 25, 2014 the military exercise “Aviadarts-2014” of the Russian Air Force will be held in the vicinity of the cities of Lipetsk, Voronezh and Ryazan. Referring to sources in the Russian defense ministry, a number of news agencies have reported that the exercise training will include ”the combat use of missiles, bombs and artillery ammunition for the elimination of ground targets, as well as air defense penetration of the imaginary enemy.”

The plans of the Russian Federation cause deep concern in Ukraine. Taking into account the scenario of  “Aviadarts-2014”, the military assets involved, as well as the battle use of modern armaments close to the Ukrainian border by the very nation that has already committed an act of aggression against Ukraine and illegally annexed an integral part of our territory, we consider these actions by Russia as still another provocation by force, an undisguised attempt to increase tension on the borders with Ukraine and in the region as a whole.

Russia conducting military exercises near the Ukrainian border on Ukraine’s presidential election day testifies to the realization of the continuous efforts by Russia to further destabilize the situation in, inter alia, the Eastern regions of Ukraine, as well as to the brutal pressure being put on the Ukrainian people.

We categorically demand from the Russian Federation to cease the  practice of provoking instability, to withdraw formations of the Russian Armed Forces from Ukraine’s border and to fulfill the obligations it undertook in accordance with the Geneva Ukraine Accord.” http://mfa.gov.ua/en/press-center/comments/1325-zajava-mzs-ukrajini-shhodo-provedennya-rosijsykoju-federacijejuvijsykovih-navchany-aviadarts-2014

Turchynov: Masked base of terrorists near Kramatorsk is destroyed

“Interim President of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov has stated that the anti-terrorist measures are taken against those who turn the guns on the civil people and those who fulfill the orders of foreign country on the destabilization of the situation in the region.

”I want to inform you that a masked base of terrorists was completely destroyed this night near Kramatorsk within the frames of ATO. Fortified locality of terrorists near Slovyansk was also attacked and destroyed this night, safety haven expanded within 5-km radius of TV tower”, he reported today during the morning session of the Parliament.” http://24tv.ua/home/showSingleNews.do?turchynv_masked_base_of_terrorists_near_kramatorsk_is_destroyed&objectId=443132&lang=en

Natos Generalsekreterare Rasmussen har hållit tal idag Standing up for Freedom and Security

Läs hans tal, men frågestund från journalister på http://www.nato.int/cps/en/natolive/opinions_109859.htm?selectedLocale=en

Å så lite nyheter från Ryssland. Ta på propagandaglasögonen.

RT News: Donetsk self-defense forces give Kiev troops 24 hours to withdraw

“Donetsk self-defense forces set an ultimatum for the Kiev military, warning that if troops do not withdraw from block posts in the Donetsk region within 24 hours, they will be taken by force, RIA Novosti reported.

The pro-autonomy militia of Donbass region in eastern Ukraine made the statement on Wednesday.

”If the armored vehicles are not pulled back, the roadblocks of the so-called legitimate authorities are not removed, I will have enough power and means – the commander supported me today – to destroy and burn everything. Reconnaissance and sabotage groups are ready to move and some are steady,” deputy commander of the pro-autonomy militia of Donbass, Sergey Zdrilyuk, told RIA Novosti.

“I give 24 hours for them to withdraw all troops, all forces,” he added.


ITAR-TASS: Russian Foreign Ministry voices concern over deterioration of situation in Ukraine

“Russia’s Foreign Ministry has expressed concern over tensions in Ukraine. “The internal situation in Ukraine continues deteriorating,” the ministry’s spokesman, Alexander Lukashevich said on Thursday.

“Kiev’s tenacious unwillingness to start national reconciliation grossly violates the Geneva agreements. The final stage of ‘punitive operation’ proves this,” he said.

Moscow urges Kiev to come to senses and stop the operation against its own people, Lukashevich said.” http://en.itar-tass.com/russia/731805

ITAR-TASS Ukrainian military simulate gunfight near Kramatorsk — self-defense militia

“Ukrainian military “simulated armed clashes” against a self-defense group on the outskirts of the city of Kramatorsk in the Donetsk region, a representative of voluntary guard of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic told ITAR-TASS on Thursday.

“A ten-vehicle-strong armored column under the cover of six helicopters entered the township of Solntsevo” and the entry was followed by brisk fire involving large-caliber automatic weapons,” he said.

The man who witnessed the events said “they were shooting at nowhere, in the sky and into the open field as there aren’t any woods nearby.” Upon hearing the shooting, locals “took shelter in cellars.”

“There were no self-defense fighters in this area, to say nothing of bases,” he said. http://en.itar-tass.com/world/731818

Idag kom Försvarsberedningens rapport. Försvaret av Sverige – Starkare försvar för en osäker tid

Försvarsberedningen överlämnar sin försvarspolitiska rapport till regeringen

”Den 15 maj 2014 överlämnade Försvarsberedningen den försvarspolitiska rapporten. Försvarsberedningen fick, efter beslut av försvarsministern, förlängd tid för arbetet med rapporten i syfte att komplettera arbetet med en säkerhetspolitisk bedömning utifrån vårens händelseutveckling i Ukraina.

Försvarsberedningen anser att den enskilt viktigaste uppgiften i den kommande försvarsinriktningsperioden efter 2015 är att öka den operativa förmågan i krigsförbanden och att säkerställa den samlade operativa förmågan i Försvarsmakten. Det är det övergripande syftet med samtliga förslag som presenteras i den försvarspolitiska rapporten.

Den försvarspolitiska rapporten kommer tillsammans med den säkerhetspolitiska rapporten från 2013 att ligga till grund för regeringens kommande försvarspolitiska inriktningsproposition.”

Presentation av Försvarsberedningens rapport

Presentation av Försvarsberedningens försvarspolitiska rapport i anslutning till beredningens överlämnande av rapporten till försvarsministern.

Presentationen direktsänds torsdag 15 maj 11.00-12.15 på riksdagens webbplats.

Här kan du se webbsändningen när rapporten presenterades http://www.riksdagen.se/sv/Debatter–beslut/Ovriga-handelser/Ovriga-handelser/?did=H1C220140515ko1

Här kan du ladda ned rapporten. Försvaret av Sverige – Starkare försvar för en osäker tid


SvD: Försvaret svänger tillbaka på en rad punkter

Bakom krutröken i drabbningen om pengar till försvaret så innehåller försvarsberedningens rapport en rad nyheter. Efter tio år sker nu en återgång för svenskt försvar. SvD:s Mikael Holmström listar åtta punkter där pendeln nu svänger tillbaka.

Beredningens förslag ska beslutas av riksdagen 2015 – men delar av det har likheter med hur det var förr.

Under kalla kriget hade Sverige ett stort territoriellt existensförsvar. Men från 1996 blev fokus i stället ett mindre försvar inriktat på internationella insatser. Rader av förband lades ner, exempelvis på Gotland. Kustartilleriregementet i Fårösund försvann i försvarsbeslutet år 2000 medan beslutet 2004 om nedläggning av pansarförbandet i Visby fullbordade demilitariseringen av ön.

Nu börjar pendeln svänga tillbaka på en hel rad punkter. Läs den mycket intressanta sammanställningen i http://www.svd.se/nyheter/inrikes/nyhetsstart-forsvarsberedningen-svdse_3564630.svd

SvD analys: M söker strid om försvaret

Socialdemokraterna och regeringen enades om det mesta i försvarsberedningen, men inte om allt. Efteråt ville Socialdemokraterna tona ned konflikten, och Moderaterna blåsa upp den: båda tror att det ska hjälpa dem att vinna valet. Läs analysen på http://www.svd.se/nyheter/inrikes/svart-att-enas-om-pengar-till-forsvaret_3560956.svd?sidan=7

DN Ewa Stenberg: Putin hade nog skrattat gott

ANALYS. Tre frågor till DN:s politiska kommentator Ewa Stenberg om Försvarsberedningens rapport.

Läs hennes intressanta analys av dagens rapport på http://www.dn.se/valet-2014/ewa-stenberg-putin-hade-nog-skrattat-gott/

DN: Het försvarsdebatt i Veckans Nyheter Cecilia Widegren (M) och Peter Hultqvist (S) debatterar försvaret. Se debatten påhttp://www.dn.se/webb-tv/program/nyheter/het-forsvarsdebatt-i-veckans-nyheter/

Johan Wiktorin KKRVA: Hej Matematik! – Rättningskommentarer Nationella prov i Försvarsekonomi

Läs hans kommentarer om rapporten på http://kkrva.se/hej-matematik-rattningskommentarer-nationella-prov-i-forsvarsekonomi/

Robotbloggen visar de senaste nyhetsartiklarna om utvecklingen i Ukraina kl 6, 9, 12 och 18

Glöm inte att titta in på min robotblogg http://oroande2.blogspot.se Där uppdateras nyheter om Ukrainakrisen från många av världens tidningar.

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