30 april Natos AWACS tillåts flyga över Sverige

Natos radarplan tillåts flyga över Sverige. Folkomröstning i östra Ukraina den 11 maj tillkännagavs igår, idag får vi reda på att allt är fixat och klart. Snabbt jobbat!





Reuters har gjort en bra sammanfattning av läget just nu i Ukraina http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/04/30/us-ukraine-crisis-idUSBREA3T0G720140430

Natos AWACS plan tillåts flyga över Sverige

”SvD rapporterar idag att ”Regeringen tillåter försvarsalliansen Nato att flyga genom Sveriges luftrum med avancerade radar- och stridsledningsplan. Beslutet är det första i sitt slag. Orsaken är Rysslands militära angrepp på Ukraina och den ökade militära aktiviteten i vårt närområde.

Svenska regeringen fattade beslutet vid sitt sammanträde på onsdagen. Detta uppger för SvD militära och civila källor med insyn i ärendet.

Regeringens beslut, som ännu inte hunnit expedieras formellt, innebär i praktiken klartecken till Nato tre veckor framåt. Försvarsmakten instrueras att tillåta passager vartannat dygn under tiden 8-31 maj. Natos plan får då flyga mellan Norge och Polen genom svenskt luftrum.” Läs hela artikeln på http://www.svd.se/nyheter/inrikes/rysk-ovning-mot-sverige-blev-en-vackarklocka_3479102.svd?sidan=6

Val i Donetsk den 11 maj. Allt redan fixat och klart. Valet tillkännagavs igår, så det är verkligen effektiva. Vill gärna ha valobservatörer på plats.

“Everyone willing to act as an observer at the forthcoming independence referendum in the Ukrainian city of Donetsk is free to do so, the election chief of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic Roman Lyagin told RIA Novosti Wednesday. ”There is a plenty of organizations and entities willing to oversee the [electoral] process, and we, undoubtedly, are interested in the international recognition of our plebiscite,” he said.” (Kommentar, känns inte helt tryggt när många journalister och de 7 militära observatörerna fortfarande är kidnappade…)

”We have been engaged in the organizational work and preparations for the referendum for about a month. We have done a lot during this time; we set up 55 election commissions and 2,279 polling stations. We have finished the procedure that usually takes any state three months in a month,” Roman Lyagin said.

The referendum on the status of the Donetsk region is scheduled for May 11. Citizens are to answer the question – ”Do you support the act on state independence of the Donetsk People’s Republic?” Lyagin also specified that over 25,000 members of election commissions ”from all territorial districts of the Donetsk region” will be monitoring the referendum. A 70 percent voter turnover is expected in the upcoming vote.”

Läs hela artikeln på propaganda sidan http://voiceofrussia.com/news/2014_04_30/Observers-invited-to-attend-Donetsk-referendum-election-chief-4405/

Cabinet wants to hold nation-wide poll along with presidential elections

Det nationella valet den 25 maj får även en ta ställning till fråga om regionala reformer och ökat självstyre ute i landet.

“According to the Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the Cabinet of Ministers is going to introduce a draft bill to the parliament on the nation-wide poll to be held on May 25 about the national unity, territorial integrity and the devoting power to the regions.

PM has emphasized the Cabinet has approved his vision of the regional reform and the devolution of power to the regions.

”I ask the Vice Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman to organize the discussions in every region, district and city on the Constitution amendments’ concept regarding the devolution of power to the regions”, – Yatsenyuk told.

He emphasized the central authorities are ready to ”provide the additional guarantees for the Russian-speaking people and other minorities over the corresponding territory” within the frames of the decentralization.

”This is our firm position”, – he summed up.” http://24tv.ua/home/showSingleNews.do?cabinet_wants_to_hold_nationwide_poll_along_with_presidential_elections&objectId=438238&lang=en

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has called separatists to release OSCE observers, captured in Slovyansk.

He told this during his meeting with his Chilean counterpart Heraldo Munoz, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

”We call to release the observers but we can’t decide it on behalf of ”militia”. These people face constant threats from Kyiv, hearing the army and military equipment will be used against him”, – Lavrov stated.

Russian minister emphasized the Ukrainian authorities, who sent the observers to Slovyansk, had to adjust this journey with so-called ”militia”.

According to him, the OSCE representatives aren’t allowed to the places they want to visit even in less dramatic situations. For example, monitor mission weren’t allowed to visit some states of the US when the elections were held there.

”We call to release these European officers, it looks like they were just used as the fall guys. You’d better not follow the example of Kyiv authorities that captures the public actors for policy reasons and refuse to set them free, despite of their obligations assumed under the Geneva agreements”, – Lavrov told.” http://24tv.ua/home/showSingleNews.do?lavrov_called_separatists_to_release_osce_observers&objectId=438247&lang=en

Poroshenko: -Terrorists should find themselves in the dock or be terminated

“MP and a candidate for the presidency Petro Poroshenko is convinced the armed extremists, acting in the eastern regions of Ukraine, should bear liability for their actions, irresponsible to their citizenship.

”They aren’t the pro-Russian militants, they are the criminals and terrorists, who kill the people, having no remorse. They understand the only language. They don’t understand Russian; moreover, they don’t understand Ukrainian. These criminals and terrorists understand only the language of force”, – Poroshenko told.

According to the politician, Russia also doesn’t need these people.

”What you can speak about with the men, who kill the ordinary people? Do you want to negotiate with them? Do you want to call them the separatists? Who needs them in Russia? They are saboteurs, they are murderers. They are terrorists. And they should bear the liability for what they’ve done”, – he told.

”I don’t care are they connected with Russia or not. They may be citizen of any country but they should find themselves in the docks or be terminated”, – Poroshenko emphasized.” http://24tv.ua/home/showSingleNews.do?terrorists_should_find_themselves_in_the_dock_or_be_terminated_poroshenko&objectId=438261&lang=en

Donetsk separatists control 8 City Halls, 4 police departments, 3 SSU units and state department

“Armed men in camouflage uniforms are located in the city executive committee. They guard a checkpoint and all floors of the administrative buildings.

“The work of city executive committee is not blocked; they work in normal mode, but under close scrutiny of protesters in Kramatorsk, Horlivka, Khartsyzk, Mariupol and Makiyivka mayor offices,” message reports.

Slovyansk, Horlivka and Yenakiyeve police departments and SSU buildings are also controlled by armed separatists.

On April 30, 2014, at 03:00pm, a group of armed men seized Central regional police department of Horlivka.

The unknown broke into the building, forced police personnel out of the building and barricaded themselves inside.

Over twenty checkpoints were set up on the roads of the region, majority is situated in Slovyansk, Kramatorsk and Makiyivka.” http://24tv.ua/home/showSingleNews.do?donetsk_separatists_control_8_city_halls_4_police_departments_3_ssu_units_and_state_department&objectId=438060&lang=en

Unless West Sets ‘Clear Limits,’ Putin Will Expand Russia Up to NATO’s Borders

“Vladimir Putin will seek to expand Russia’s influence and control right up to the borders of NATO because the West has shown that it is not ready to interfere in any serious way to defend countries that have not been able to get into the Western alliance up to now, according to a Russian political scientist and commentator.

That is “an enormous tragedy” for Ukraine and the other non-Russian countries but it is one for Russia itself, Aleksandr Avmalgin says. Moscow’s advance is “not for Russia but for the Putin criminal group which is engaged in a raiding action at the international level even as it puts in place an autarchic economic model” at home.

Putin’s aggression, he continues, is leading to “the degradation of Russian society itself,” in much the same way that Hitler’s war led to a similar decay in German society of the 1930s.”

Consequently, Avmalgin argues, “if the West does not show Putin clear limits beyond which he must not go, they he will not stop, and the world could move toward a nuclear war.” Unfortunately, he says, “the West does not have such a plan now,” and that promises the continuation of a “lengthy” period of uncertainty.” Läs hela artikeln på http://www.interpretermag.com/unless-west-sets-clear-limits-putin-will-expand-russia-up-to-natos-borders-russian-commentator-says/

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Hur går det då för denna blogg; Oroande utveckling? Hela 15845 besökare har varit inne på sidan sedan starten den 22 mars. I mina ögon är detta helt fantastiskt! Tack för att ni läser vad jag sammanställer!

Antalet besökare dalar dock just nu och ligger runt 200 besök per dag. Så om du tycker bloggen är intressant så får du mycket gärna sprida adressen. Du får även gärna ge en kommentar eller betyg längst ned på sidan. Jag vill gärna veta vad som behöver förbättras.

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