2 april Oväntat skarp varning från NATO mot Ryssland. Är det något på gång som de känner till?

Dagens nyheter från öster. Oväntat skarp varning från NATO mot Ryssland. Är det anfall på gång? Sverige kommer inte köpa ubåtar från Kockums och Putin har skilt sig.

Oväntat skarp varning mot Ryssland från NATO, är något på gång i öster som de vet om?

Idag gick NATO ut med en oväntat skarp varning mot Ryssland. Detta kom relativt oväntat då det varit några dagar av relativt lugn i öster. Desto mer alarmerande att NATO nu kommer med denna skarpa varning.

”Further Russian intervention in Ukraine, following its annexation of Crimea, would be an ”historic mistake” that would deepen Russia’s international isolation, NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said on Wednesday.

”If Russia were to intervene further in Ukraine, I wouldn’t hesitate to call it an historic mistake. That would lead to further international isolation of Russia. It would have far reaching consequences for the relations between Russia and … the Western world. It would be a miscalculation with huge strategic implications,” he told a news conference after a meeting of alliance foreign ministers.” http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/04/02/us-ukraine-crisis-rasmussen-idUSBREA3113120140402

NATO Generalen Philip M. Breedlove går även ut i en intervju med New York Times och säger att Ryssarna nu är redo för att inleda ett anfall. Med 12 timmars varsel kan de nu göra en invasion av Ukraina. Han beräknar att det tar 3-5 dagar innan de uppnått sina mål.

“I think they have all the opportunities and they can make whatever decision they want,” General Breedlove added. “This is a very large, very well-equipped force to be called an exercise.”


“He said Russia could have several potential objectives, including an incursion into southern Ukraine to establish a land corridor to Crimea, pushing beyond Crimea to Ukraine’s Black Sea port of Odessa or even threatening to connect to Transdniestria, the mainly Russian-speaking, separatist region of Moldova that lies to the west of Ukraine. Russia also has forces to the north and northeast of Ukraine that could enter eastern Ukraine if Moscow ordered them to do so, Breedlove said.” http://www.atlanticcouncil.org/blogs/natosource/russian-invasion-of-ukraine-could-succeed-in-3-to-5-days-nato-general

Polen vill att NATO placerar 10.000 soldater i Polen

Poland asked NATO to station 10,000 troops on its territory on Tuesday as a visible demonstration of the Alliance’s resolve to defend all its members after Russia’s seizure of Crimea.


”We know from history that guarantees can be empty. The guarantees of serious countries about Ukraine’s territorial integrity also turned out to be guarantees of doubtful quality,” Donald Tusk, Poland’s prime minister, said on Tuesday. ”We want Poland to be defended by the military, not only by words written in a treaty.” http://www.atlanticcouncil.org/blogs/natosource/ukraine-crisis-poland-calls-for-10-000-nato-troops-on-its-territory

En modig man som vågar stå upp mot den Ryska propagandan

A few days ago Lev Shlozberg, member of the council of the Pskov region, stood up and addressed a silent audience. They all listened in awe. He attacked the prevailing mood in Russia, comparing the attacks on “people’s traitors” and the mass patriotic hysteria with the atmosphere in the 1930s under Stalin. And if that was not enough, he continued to expose the corruption in the governor’s office, the deal and tricks that allowed the ruling class to enrich itself and keep the rest of the population in poverty. “These are the real people’s traitors,” he said, “these are the people that ruin our country”

Se hans tal som har engelsk textning. http://euromaidanpr.wordpress.com/2014/04/01/national-hysteria-in-russia-and-those-who-stay-sane/

Förre presidenten Viktor Yanukovych blev idag intervjuad av AP

“All Ukraine’s regions need to decide on this and I think referendum is the first step to constitutional reform. And only the reform could ease the tensions Ukrainian society faces,” Yanukovych said during the interview, adding that early presidential elections which were scheduled for May 25, will lead to further destabilization of the country.

He is certain that the upcoming elections will be neither fair nor democratic.

You just need to recall how today’s leaders grabbed the power in Ukraine. There is and was no legitimacy or constitutionality here,” Yanukovych says. “How can we talk about democracy when bandit groups are guarding the Verhhovna Rada building and the lawmakers have to vote at gunpoint?” Yanukovych says, adding that voter turnout and the results of presidential elections will be suspect”.http://www.kyivpost.com/content/ukraine/yanukovych-hopes-russia-will-return-crimea-to-ukraine-doubts-legitimacy-of-may-25-presidential-election-341833.html

Det blir inga ubåtar från Kockums. Lång intervju med vår Försvarsminister

I SVT:s program ”Rakt på” säger Enström att det inte längre finns några förutsättningar att gå vidare med den tidigare beställningen. Se hela den 30 minuter långa intervjun med Försvarsministern på länken nedan


Darth Vader vill bli ny president i Ukraina

”Activists dressed as Star Wars character Darth Vader and his Imperial Guard attempted to storm the justice ministry in Kiev on Tuesday” Se filmen http://video.uk.msn.com/watch/video/darth-vader-storms-justice-ministry-in-kiev/2s7rp06ta

Putins skilsmässa är klar. Efter 30 års giftermål är han nu singel

“The Kremlin has confirmed that the divorce of Russian President Vladimir Putin from his wife of 30 years, Lyudmila, has been finalized” Kanske därför han varit lite stingslig den senaste tiden…

Källa http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-26850204



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